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Take a look at what other patients have to say about Lexington cosmetic dentist Dr. Fawn Rosenberg. 

Our team at Lexington Smile Studio and I will give you a warm welcome and our ongoing commitment to your dental health. Fawn Rosenberg, DMD, FAGD is a cosmetic dentist in Lexington Massachusetts proud to serve the the surrounding areas of Concord, Bedford, Waltham, Arlington and beyond.


 Terri Deeds

Dr Rosenberg came highly recommended from another mother in the Lip and Tongue Tie Support Group that I belong to, so I took my 10 month old daughter to Dr. Rosenberg to be evaluated and treated for a lip and tongue tie. I found Dr. Rosenberg to be very knowledgeable about lip and tongue ties (as well as the issues they cause with breastfeeding). Dr. Rosenberg is one of the few dentists in the area that performs the laser revision procedure to correct lip and tongue ties and she was able to do the procedure immediately following the evaluation. While the procedure and aftercare exercises were difficult for my daughter to undergo (because she was just old enough to be aware of what was going on, but not old enough to express herself with words), I am very pleased with the outcome. When we have another child, I will be taking him or her to Dr. Rosenberg to be evaluated by Dr. Rosenberg just as soon as we are able to venture out of the house! Dr. Rosenberg was very professional, courteous, and compassionate and I recommend her to others without reservation. Same goes for her staff, the receptionist and dental assistant were fabulous!

 J Gingras

Finding the words to express how impressed and satisfied we were of the fabulous work that was done at the Lexington Smile Studio. I came in with my newborn (!) who was struggling with a lip and tongue tie. Dr Rosenberg made us feel at home immediately. Her kindness and delicate touch was evident when she took our little baby girl in her arms as she immediately stopped crying. She made us all feel calm and comfortable, which is very hard when dealing with new parents of a first born! She took time to show us the ties, explain the procedure, gave us options, let us talk it over privately and reassured us. The procedure took all but 15 minutes and our little baby could then nurse like a champ and on the spot, not to mention the sudden vanishing of any pain related to breast feeding. A miracle for a new mom, I tell you! Follow ups were just as fabulous with a staff members that are all as caring and friendly. I could not recommend her more whole heartedly. You can count on us visiting her again as soon as our baby's first teeth come out. We have found the best family dentist we could hope for and all this... in our neighborhood. Thank you and your team Dr Rosenberg.

 Kathy O'Doherty

I had a deep seated fear of going again to a dentist. Dr. Rosenberg allayed that fear and provided the work I needed in a compassionate yet professional manner. She answers questions, walks you through the prcedures and what to expect. Encourages interaction and also made follow up calls to see how I was doing following procedures. I had to have extensive work done. Dr. Rosenberg AND her staff were very supportive and encouraging. I would highly recommend her.

 Carrie Meade

I'm one of those people who is kind of phobic when it comes to going to the dentist. After several years of being Dr. Rosenberg's patient I am calmer around seeing the dentist.Dr. Rosenberg and her staff are always respectful, caring, thoughtful and patient and provide the highest level of care. The offices are soothing, well as soothing as a dentist's office can be :) I can not recommend Fawn Rosenberg and her staff highly enough.

 Richard Snider

I highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg. Both my wife and I recently had Lanap laser gum surgery by Dr. Rosenberg, and both of us experienced hardly any pain and good recoveries. Dr. Rosenberg and her staff are extremely professional and a pleasure to know. Can't say "I loved it" because it is dentistry after all, but Google causes the title to say "loved it" when you check 5 stars.

 Jen Foss

Dr. Rosenberg is wonderful and made me feel comfortable the entire time. She is a great dentist and I'm glad I made the decision to switch to her.

 A Google User

January 26, 2011 My husband, son and I have been patients of Dr. Fawn Rosenberg for many years and we have always been delighted with our care! This practice takes the idea of treating the whole person and giving personal and supportive attention to new heights! Our typical experience begins by speaking with Gary on the phone to schedule an office visit, to meeting with Dr. Rosenberg in her office for dental work, to her calling our home the same evening to check on our well being. Incomparable care! Gary is always so helpful and kind, and is amazingly knowledgeable about insurance claims and co-pays. The hygienists and dental assistants are so warm and supportive too. It took me years to find the right dentist to treat some complex dental issues and my fear. Dr. Fawn is the perfect mix of great skill, dental artistry and compassion. Bravo, Lexington Smile Studio!

 A Google User

Dr. Rosenberg and her staff are wonderful. I used to be scared of the dentist, but thanks to her, I am not anymore. I needed to have some gum work done and I found online that she does laser gum treatment with sedation. I went and had a consultation with her, and have never felt more comfortable. I scheduled the procedure and actually had it done last week. I can say truthfully that I am no longer afraid of the dentist. I cant wait to bring my children and husband in to see her too. She makes it easy, comfortable, and painless. Thank you so much Dr. Rosenberg!

 A Google User

I would recommend Dr Fawn Rosenberg and her staff to anyone. For years I had developed a fear of going to the dentist, and it got worse over time. When I finally did go (to another dentist), some of my fears were realized; I was treated exactly how I feared. Consternation, misinformation and confusion, yet I was determined to see it through, albeit somewhere else. Through online searching I found out about laser surgery and it seemed a much better solution. I finally called and made an appointment. Dr Rosenberg and her staff treated me with such great care and understanding that I willingly went through with the procedure, and they have been utterly supportive throughout. I never realized the double meaning in the word treatment, but I know now the treatment of the patient is as important as the dental treatment. I can't thank Lexington Smile Studio enough for helping me get through years of fear and shame. A truly redemptive experience

 A Google User

I switched to Dr. Fawn Rosenberg because I was seeking a dentist who was available in routine as well as urgent situations and could provide the most knowledgeable and up-to-date care for my teeth. Since switching, I couldn't be happier with Dr. Rosenberg, the hygienists and the office staff - the practice has more than met my expectations. I find Dr. Rosenberg to be compassionate and very thorough and I feel my teeth are in excellent hands. It's reassuring to get her call on the evening after a procedure and to know that I won't slip through the cracks. I would highly recommend Lexington Smile Studio to anyone.


Dear Dr. Rosenberg,

I wanted to thank you so much for recommending a mouth guard for my nighttime grinding. For several years now, I have been aware of daytime clenching, but I did not think that it was happening at night as well. I did, however, think that my husband kept me awake all night with his snoring! I received my mouth guard approximately one month ago - the process was quick and painless and the guard fit perfectly. I had no adjustment period, as the guard felt very comfortable from the start. To my pleasant surprise, the first night with the guard, I slept all night without waking once! I was waking up 3-4 times per night before getting the guard and I now sleep through the night every night. Not only do I love my night guard, but my husband is very relieved to know that it was NOT his snoring keeping me up at night, but rather, my own grinding! Thank you so much for noticing the evidence of grinding on my teeth during my routine visit. Using a night guard and getting my sleep back on track has literally changed my life, as I was clearly not getting quality sleep before.  I highly recommend your practice to anyone looking for a great dental experience!

Thanks again,
Dr. Erin Reynolds
Bedford, MA

Dear Dr. Rosenberg,

We could not let another day go by without thanking you for you exception care and unlimited patience. Your professional and very personable approach has left us confident that all future dental needs will be met. It has taken years to find a dentist who can bring a sense of calm, confidence and acceptance to what has otherwise been a traumatic and embarrassing experience.

We are relieved and grateful that we have found a skilled dentist who can treat the dental issues and provide enough support and expertise to help her patients overcome the emotional obstacle that can get in the way of regular proper dental care. By providing needed information and by actively listening to concerns, and gently reassuring your patient, you were then able to provide her with the opportunity for dental care which was exceptional.

Your willingness to accommodate her, clearing an entire day for treatment, providing the appropriate sedation and making follow phone calls are all greatly appreciated. When a child has a very bad dental experience, one that impacts her ability to receive treatment as an adult, it takes a extrordinarily caring and skilled dentist to counter that early experience. We thank you for being that dentist who has the professional skill and the personal investment in her patients.

Adrenna Antreasian
Burlington, MA
To Whom It may concern -
I was asked to write a few words regarding this lovely woman.

Doctor Rosenberg is not only a skilled dentist, she is one of the most compassionate and caring women I have ever had the pleasure to know. For most of my life I had a debilitating fear of dentists but all that changed after my first visit with her. I can't say enough or recommend her enough to balance all the peace of mind she has given me.


Patricia Shapiro
Lincoln, MA


































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